17th March 10:22 PM
US President appears to ignore handshake with Angela Merkel
By Dhanjay Deo
Sunday 19/03/2017
Angela Merkel (left) and US President Donald Trump (Photo: independent).

It’s long been customary for heads of state to shake each other’s hands for the cameras when they meet – but Donald Trump is not like most.

In a truly cringe‑worthy scene, the US President appeared to completely blank requests to shake his guest Angela Merkel’s hand.

In awkward video footage, reporters can be heard asking the pair to shake hands for what was meant to be a smiling photo opportunity marking the German chancellor’s first visit to the White House under Trump.

Thinking he hadn’t heard, Merkel appears to gently asks him: “Do you want to do the handshake?”

While he had shaken Merkel’s hand on her arrival to the White House, Trump seems to completely ignore the simple request during their joint appearance and continues staring straight ahead.

Looking slightly embarrassed, Merkel turns to the cameras smiling.

Source: BBC

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