18th June 07:58 PM
Trump insists that Mexico will still pay for the border wall
By Semi Turaga
Friday 11/01/2019
US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has insisted that Mexico will still pay for the border wall, claiming he never meant it would make a one‑time payment.

He says obviously he never meant Mexico would write a cheque.

He says Mexico would "indirectly" fund the wall through a revamped trade deal, but a campaign memo shows he planned to compel the country to pay for the wall.

A political row over Trump's demand has triggered a US government shutdown.

The BBC reports that President Trump says he refuses to sign legislation to fund and reopen the government if it does not include $5.7bn for a physical barrier along the US‑Mexico border.

But budget talks have come to a standstill as Democrats ‑ who control the House of Representatives ‑ refuse to give him the money. Republican leaders insist the party stands behind the president.

The funding lapse has dragged into the 20th day, with some 800,000 federal workers expected to miss their first pay cheque since the partial shutdown began.

Hundreds of federal workers, contractors and supporters have rallied outside the White House in protest against the shutdown.

[Source: BBC]

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