22nd May 08:23 PM
Trucks carrying dangerous goods must have safety gear - LTA
By Iva Danford
Wednesday 17/05/2017

Truck drivers carrying dangerous goods must be equipped with safety gear such as fire extinguishers, first aid kits and protective personal equipment.

This was highlighted by Land Transport Authority who has urged truck drivers transporting dangerous or hazardous loads to comply with LTA regulations.

LTA CEO Carmine Piantedosi says all truck drivers carrying hazardous materials must possess an LTA permit that authorizes them to transport such materials and all dangerous goods must be properly stored, loaded and secured.

Piantedosi says drivers must be medically fit and hold either a Class 6 licence to drive a 5tonne vehicle, or a Class 7 license to drive a vehicle exceeding 10tonnes and the truck owners must ensure compliance with these mandatory requirements.

Piantedosi says these stringent measures are in place to minimize injury to the driver, other road users, and prevent repercussions for the environment.

Any driver caught carrying dangerous goods without the proper permit and license will receive a Traffic Infringement Notice that carries a penalty of $500.

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