19th October 07:47 AM
Three 10yr-old boys allegedly verbally sexually abused 10yr-old girl in school
By Semi Turaga
Friday 10/08/2018

The three 10-year-old boys who allegedly verbally sexually abused a 10‑year‑old girl in school have been questioned by Police.

Police Spokesperson Jokatama Qio says the caution interview of the three students was carried out by the Sexual Offenses Unit with the presence of their parents.

Qio says the students have also been counseled as investigations continue.

It is alleged that these students approached the girl while she was packing her bag to go home and started harassing her and calling her names.

The girl was alone in the classroom with the boys where she spoke out and told them to stop.

One of the boys allegedly ran after her and said “Come back and taste my banana!”.

While waiting to be picked up, the same boys went on to shout at her.

The girl managed to run away and later informed her parents.

Reports were filed with Police and the Education Ministry.

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