18th November 12:08 AM
This has been a week of misleading headlines for The Fiji Times - Fijian Govt
By Vijay Narayan
Friday 19/01/2018
A market vendor reads the daily newspaper while waiting for customers

The Fijian government has come out and said that unfortunately, this has been a week of misleading headlines for The Fiji Times.

Acting Permanent Secretary for Communications Sharvada Sharma has written to Fiji Times Editor Fred Wesley saying that in regards to their cover story for Tuesday 16th January, “Back to the Tents,” it is worth clarifying that students at the Koronobu School in Ba are not schooling in tents.

Sharma says the students are currently attending classes within four classrooms in a newly reconstructed 1x4 classroom building; only the painting, tiling and installation of flashlights have yet to be completed.

He further says that The Fiji Times cover story for Thursday 18th January, “Tube Ride to School,” also deserves clarification, as their reporting was already outdated at the time they chose to publish.

Sharma says the boat in question has been repaired and has been in full operation since Wednesday.

He says there is some irony in the fact that, by focussing on false or outdated issues and sowing public confusion, the Fiji Times is creating the very disorder for parents and students that they inaccurately portray in their articles.

Fred Wesley said that he will comment later.

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