25th April 11:20 AM
Team sent to Labasa to investigate ‘Jingle Bells’ video
By Sharon Dipitika and Iva Danford
Wednesday 11/01/2017
A screenshot of the video showing the nurses singing ‘Jingle Bells Patients Smell’.

A team is being sent to Labasa today to investigate the case where a video has been uploaded on the social media which features a number of nurses in uniform singing their version of the ‘Jingle Bells’.

Minister for Health and Medical Services Rosy Akbar has confirmed this.

Akbar had earlier mentioned that the behavior portrayed is not typical of many dedicated nurses working in the health system and she is sure the staff involved did not intend to show contempt for their patients.

However, Akbar stresses that there is no excuse for the conduct shown on this video.

The Minister says that the public’s opinion on the video is divided where some say it is just part of the celebrating the festivities while others have shown their disappointment.

Akbar says they will take appropriate action which will be in-line with the seriousness of the action.

The video shows a number of health staff in uniform including some nurses singing “Jingle Bells, Patients Smells”.

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