23rd October 03:49 PM
Surviving tragic Nabou accident brings Seruitukana family closer together
By Rusiate Baleilevuka
Tuesday 07/08/2018
Tevita Seruitukana, one of the survivors of the tragic accident at Nabou, Nadroga flanked by his parents

Rupeni Seruitukana, the father of Tevita Seruitukana one of the survivors of the tragic accident at Nabou, Nadroga last Saturday believes that God’s grace saved his son on that day.

On Saturday morning, Rupeni said that since he moved to Laucala Island Resort in April for work, he always made sure to pray for his family every morning.

At around 7am last Saturday, his son Tevita was waiting for their van to take them to Suva for the Deans semifinals.

Little did Tevita know that it will be the last time he sees his colleagues Sanaila Ruitoka, Atilai Ruitoka and Marika Rua from Yavusania village.

Marika Rua was a 16-year-old student from Ratu Navula College.

Speaking to Fijivillage from Yavusania, Rupeni said that after the accident on Saturday, his wife rushed to the Nadi hospital to wait for the ambulance and see if Tevita was at the hospital.

He adds that during their conversation on the phone, his wife turned the phone off and suspected that Tevita was one of the students that were rushed into the Emergency Centre in the ambulance.

Seruitukana says that this accident has brought them closer as a family and strengthened his bond with his son.

Meanwhile 18-year-old Tevita says that he had an argument with his mother on Saturday morning but has learned that he should be grateful for the gift of life and family.

The funerals for Sanaila and Atilai will be held in Yavusania village, Nadi on Saturday while Marika Rua will be laid to rest at his village in Vatulele.

Six people died in the accident while seven passengers from the mini bus are still admitted in hospital.

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