18th November 12:13 PM
Speaker tells Chand to withdraw statement during debate on Online Safety Bill
By Dhanjay Deo
Thursday 17/05/2018
National Federation Party MP, Parmod Chand

Speaker of Parliament Dr. Jiko Luveni asked National Federation Party MP, Parmod Chand to withdraw his statement while speaking during the debate on Online Safety Bill.

This after Sayed-Khaiyum stood up and raised a point of order saying Chand was misrepresenting him and making fun of him.

Chand had stated that he marvels every time he hears government members declare colourful anecdote denoting socially inappropriate scenarios to cause shock and horror to the people around the nation.

Chand had stated that they have heard this same commentary before by the Chairman of the Committee who looked at this report and also by the Director of the Anti Discrimination and Human Rights Commission.

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