16th October 10:19 AM
Russia and China actively building weapons that can target US military assets - General Hyten
By Dhanjay Deo
Sunday 03/12/2017

A senior US general says that countries like Russia and China are actively building weapons that can target space‑based US military assets like satellites.

The head of US Strategic Command Gen. John Hyten told an audience at the Reagan National Defense Forum in California that these countries have been building weapons, testing weapons, building weapons to operate from the earth in space, jamming weapons, laser weapons, and they have not kept it secret.

He says they are building those capabilities to challenge the United States of America, to challenge its allies, and to change the balance of power in the world.

He says they cannot allow that to happen.

Hyten says Russia and China saw how the US military made successful use of satellites during military operations like the 1991 Gulf War and now seek ways to deny the US the ability to use satellites in future conflicts.

Source: CNN

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