16th October 11:06 AM
Rural Millionaire Concept reaping rewards for young farmers in Sawaieke, Gau
By Anamika Singh
Sunday 15/07/2018
Commissioner Eastern, Luke Moroivalu with farmers of Sawaieke village in Gau

You can live in the village and also achieve what people in Suva or urban areas have, you can own cars, have your own house and can even buy property in urban centers like Suva.

These were the words of Commissioner Eastern, Luke Moroivalu who was speaking to young farmers in the district of Sawaieke on Gau Island.

The ‘Rural Millionaire Concept’ initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture and introduced by the Commissioner Eastern in 2014 is reaping rewards for young farmers in the district.

A team led by Commissioner visited the district and have praised the people for their effort in successfully embracing this concept.

A total of five houses were officially opened in the district.

Moroivalu told the farmers nothing is impossible if they put their mind to it, work towards their goal and by adhering to proper and timely advice by Ministry of Agriculture officers they  will reap the benefit of hard work.

He says some of them have built their homes with proceeds from yaqona and which the  government through the Ministry of Agriculture is trying to encourage people to pursue.

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