24th February 12:31 AM
Rental car veers off Edinburgh Drive falling off a cliff early this morning
By Semi Turaga and Pratika Mala
Saturday 23/06/2018
The rental car involved in the accident at Edinburgh Drive

The search for the driver of the vehicle which veered off Edinburgh Drive and fell down a cliff early this morning is continuing this hour. 

Police Spokesperson, Ana Naisoro says right now police are trying to track the driver down as no one was found at the scene.

A video taken after the incident, shows a man coming out of the area of the accident visibly shaken.

It also shows the man saying that he was the only person in the vehicle.

There is no confirmation yet if the man in the video is the driver of the vehicle which was involved in the accident.

The circumstances surrounding the accident as well as how many people were in the vehicle is unclear at this stage.

Police received a call from FMF staff about the accident.

The vehicle has now been removed.

The rental company which owns the vehicle is also assisting police with their investigation.

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