22nd September 02:56 PM
Proper water system to be constructed at Waidradra Settlement
By Lena Reece
Tuesday 26/09/2017

The Water of Authority Fiji has confirmed that the piped drinking water system for Waidradra Settlement, Nadrau District in the Nadroga/Navosa Province has been included in the 2017 to 2018 budget, with construction planned for early next year.

Waidradra resident Ilisoni Tabuyalewa says that this is great news that they are going to get proper piped drinking water systems in their settlement.

Upon meeting with the Water Authority of Fiji and being advised of the project the 64-year-old adds that fetching water in buckets and gallons from a spring more than a kilometre away from their homes will soon become a thing of the past.

He says that never once has he had the enjoyment of standing in front of a stand pipe that belongs to them.

Tabuyalewa adds that from the time of his forefathers, they have had to carry water from the spring, sometimes on horseback, but mostly on foot.

The father of six says that during times of drought, they would have to get up early to search for other sources of water, much further away.

He says hearing of the proper piping system has given them hope and they are looking forward to assisting with the works.

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