10th December 06:39 PM
Police crack down on Jone Vakarisi and his gang in Mead Road Housing in Nabua
By Semi Turaga and Filipe Vakaloloma
Tuesday 07/08/2018
Jone Vakarisi Junior leaving court

Police are now cracking down on Jone Vakarisi Junior and his gang in Mead Road Housing in Nabua after serious allegations of the group’s involvement in drug related activities in the area.

Vakarisi and seven of his associates have been charged and remanded by the court for the violent attack on police officers in Nabua last Friday.

In 2016, Jone Vakarisi Junior was charged with two counts of act with intent to cause grievous bodily harm where he is alleged to have run over two students.

He is also alleged to be the lead conspirator in a brawl which happened in Nabua that same year.

Police Director Operations ACP Maretino Qiolevu says they have a dedicated task force which is now profiling others that may be in Vakarisi’s group.

He says police will be making some big changes in that neighbourhood.

Qiolevu says they are aware of information of allegations of people’s involvement in the drug trade in Mead House Road Housing and they are also calling on people to report police officers that may be involved.

He also says that they will take people to task for swearing at others outside the Suva Court House.

Many people who were connected to the eight men came to the Suva court house yesterday and were swearing at members of the public. Some of the accused persons were also swearing at the police officers.

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