21st November 08:20 AM
Police concerned about heated exchange on social media ahead of Deans final
By Iva Danford
Friday 10/08/2018
Crowd at the 2018 Deans SFs last week

Police are concerned about the heated exchange on social media from students and ex-scholars ahead of the finals of the Powerade Super Deans Championship and will come down hard on those students who decide to be mischievous.

This has been stressed by the Police Director Operations ACP Maretino Qiolevu who says that they are aware of this and other stuff that are being shared on social media.

Qiolevu says parents, teachers, students and the old scholars of participating schools are urged to make sure that children are not victims of crime.

He is also warning students not to put the flags outside vehicles as traffic officers will be monitoring the situation.

Qiolevu says negligence is an offence it is the duty of parents and guardians to eliminate all opportunities of a crime being committed.

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