20th March 05:44 PM
Our children should not be worried about what faith and color their Head Teacher are - Raj
By Faria Begum
Monday 28/01/2019
Fiji Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission Director Ashwin Raj

“Our children should not be worried about what faith, color or orientation their Head Teachers are, they should be worried about whether their teachers are able to teach Math properly and whether they are able to teach English effectively.”

This is the strong message by the Fiji Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission Director Ashwin Raj.

He says if we are going to teach our children to look at differences, then that is the only thing that they are going to look for.

This is after the formation of the Fiji Faith Based Education Forum that have the objective to raise the issue with the government that the heads of faith based schools should be a person of that same faith.

Raj has made the call not to involve children in political agendas.

Raj says that there have been claims made about the leadership in faith based schools that the displacement of the preferred candidates of leadership prevents church schools from providing quality education and undermines human and constitutional rights.

He says that these rights have been protected under the constitution.

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