16th December 12:35 AM
Opening of new diabetes hub foot care clinic in Nausori to significantly increase reach to diabetic patients
By Iva Danford
Thursday 11/10/2018

One of the key developments that will be unveiled in the coming weeks will be the opening of the new diabetes hub foot care clinic that will enable the Nausori Health Centre team to intensify their reach out to diabetic patients.

This new clinic is being developed by the Nausori Health Centre through its ongoing partnership with Diabetes Fiji.

Rewa Subdivisional Medical Officer Dr Sravaniya Dasi says the new clinic will significantly increase their reach to diabetic patients who need proper screening and early treatment to avoid complications that cause amputations.

She says the public health team also reaches out to over 3000 people through its outreach awareness programs on the prevention of Non‑Communicable Diseases in the rural and remote communities

Dr Dasi says there are an average of 200 patients seen per 3 months and through the new hub, they will strive to reachout to those who may be shying away from seeking treatment.

Nausori Health Centre staff nurse Suliana Tora who has been coordinating the Footcare Program for the last 6 years says the establishment hub is a recognition of their commitment to save lives.

Tora says they are looking forward for the opening of the new foot hub that is being currently installed within the premises of the Nausori Health Centre.

Also adding to the developments of the Nausori Health Centre is the establishment of a trauma room which is equipped and staffed to provide care for patients suffering from major traumatic injuries and illnesses.

Currently the Nausori Health Centre has 13 doctors and it covers a total population of 90,000. On average the Nausori Health Centre attends to 300 patients daily while on a busy day it sees around 500 patients a day.

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