21st November 01:09 AM
Off-duty police officer responding to call for help in his community attacked
By Vijay Narayan
Monday 16/04/2018
Acting Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu

“We will come after those who attack our officers”.

The warning was issued today by the Acting Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu following an attack on an officer who was responding to a call for help at his home in Cunningham last night.

Police Constable Suliano Vasuitoga who is based at the Samabula Police Station was at his home when he heard a cry for help from his neighbour after youths had allegedly stoned his car before assaulting him.

Vasuitoga gave chase and arrested one of the suspects from a nearby cassava patch.

He then called Valelevu and Samabula Police Stations to inform them of the incident.

While escorting the suspect back he was confronted by a group of men when he suddenly felt a strong blow land on the back of his neck.

He fell to the ground and the attack continued where he was kicked in the ribs while another snatched his police torch and struck his head and lower back.

He was badly beaten up before members of the community came to his assistance.

The Southern Division taskforce team has managed to arrest three of the suspects.

Acting Commissioner Tudravu said PC Vasuitoga was off-duty when he responded to the call for assistance and to be attacked in such a manner will not be condoned.

Tudravu says they know the identities of the five men involved and the taskforce team has been directed to arrest all those involved as soon as possible.

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