23rd May 08:42 PM
No deductions by Draunidalo
By Semi Turaga
Friday 19/05/2017
Tupou Draunidalo

The Fijian Parliament has confirmed that Tupou Draunidalo had not made any deductions to the National Federation Party Relief and Welfare Fund although she had promised to contribute 10% of her annual salary as she was suspended before the deductions started.

On the 4th of April last year, Draunidalo along with NFP Leader Professor Biman Prasad and member Prem Singh promised to contribute part of their salaries to the Fund.

Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad promised to contribute 50% of his annual salary while Tupou Draunidalo and Prem Singh pledged to contribute 10% of their annual salaries.

The Accounts Section of the Fijian Parliament says at the time the deductions commenced, it did not include Tupou Draunidalo as she was already serving suspension.

Draunidalo was suspended from Parliament with effect from 3rd June 2016 and subsequently resigned from Parliament on 20th January 2017.

A statement from the Office of the Secretary General says due to a misunderstanding which was then resolved much later, the salary deductions commenced in Pay 24 of 2016.

It says the deductions will continue until Pay 23 of 2017.

NFP Leader Biman Prasad and member Prem Singh have collectively deducted $11,292 so far.

Draunidalo could not be reached for a comment.

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