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No cover ups and it is a transparent process - Police Commissioner
By Vijay Narayan and Dhanjay Deo
Thursday 10/08/2017
Police Commissioner Sitiveni Qiliho.

No cover ups and it is a transparent process.

Those are the words of Police Commissioner Sitiveni Qiliho as he spoke about some Police officers breaking the law.

Qiliho has revealed that he has sent about 80 files involving Police officers and is awaiting a feedback from the DPP’s Office.

He says the 12 Police officers who were charged with various serious offences, have already been interdicted.

Qiliho says he has also started sending corruption files in relation to Police officers, to FICAC.

The Commissioner says he has seen some investigation files in the past and it is obvious that there have been cover ups.

Qiliho says this will not be tolerated and more corruption cases will be going to FICAC.

Meanwhile the National Federation Party says the fact that 12 Police officers have been charged by the DPP’s Office for criminal offences shows the extent of lawlessness in the country.

Jagannath Sami

General Secretary Jagannath Sami says if law enforcers and those vested with protecting the people from criminal elements become law breakers themselves then the confidence of people in the Fiji Police Force is seriously eroded.

Sami says they are not saying that every police officer is responsible for this.

When asked by Fijivillage whether or not the NFP is happy that these officers have been brought to justice, Sami said they are happy that this information is coming out but they would like to see an up to date information on how many law enforcement officers have been involved in criminal activities over the years.

NFP’s General Secretary then said that people who usurp power must understand and learn that peoples’ power is at the ballot box and they must and can decide the kind of country and government they want.

We then asked Sami if he has turned this into a political issue and whether he is using this issue to campaign for the next general elections.

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