15th November 11:29 PM
More discoveries of brown parcels allegedly containing cocaine have been made - Police
By Naveel Krishant
Monday 10/09/2018

Police have confirmed that more discoveries of brown parcels allegedly containing cocaine have been made.

On the 30th of August two discoveries were made.

Spokesperson Ana Naisoro says the first discovery was made along a bay in Taveuni, whereby a man who was out at sea noticed a brown-covered parcel similar to the earlier discoveries, and handed the parcel over at the Taveuni Police Station.

In the second finding, a similar brown package was found on an island in the Lau Group.

Last Wednesday, 6 parcels were found on an island in the Yasawa Group and were handed over to Police.

A day after that, another discovery was made in the same group of islands and on the same day another brown package was handed over to the Taveuni Police.

Members of the public are requested to call the toll free number 3318 529 if they have any information or may have made similar discoveries of cocaine or know if anyone is selling the illicit substances.

Any person who, without lawful authority acquires, supplies, possesses, manufactures, cultivates, uses or administers an illicit drug; or engages in any dealings with any other person for the transfer, transport, supply, use, manufacture, offer, sale, import or export of an illicit drug, commits an offence and will be prosecuted under the Illicit Drugs Control Act 2004.

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