21st November 08:23 AM
Man who allegedly attempted to forcefully enter Delainavesi Police Post applies for bail
By Semi Turaga
Thursday 11/10/2018
Samuela Bokadi and the Delainavesi Police Post

The man who allegedly attempted to forcefully enter the Delainavesi Police Post in July this year has applied for bail in the Suva High Court.

The bail application will be heard next Friday.

Samuela Bokadi has pleaded guilty to one count of damaging property. He has admitted that he used a cane knife and damaged the Delainavesi Police Post causing an estimated damage of $585.49.

However, Bokadi has pleaded not guilty to 5 counts of attempted act intended to cause grievous harm and 5 counts of resisting arrest.

Bokadi had allegedly threatened his partner who then ran to the Delainavesi Police Post to ask for assistance.

The defacto wife was then taken by a female police officer who was alone at the Delainavesi Police Post and put in a safe room.

The officer saw Bokadi wielding a cane knife and smashing the railings of the post.

Bokadi was allegedly drunk at the time of the incident.

The situation was contained as a number of officers arrived in emergency vehicles and motorbikes.

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