17th March 10:21 PM
Judge tells State Prosecutor to clear some confusion in Tokalau’s case
By Dhanjay Deo and Swastika Singh
Thursday 16/03/2017

High Court Judge Justice Salesi Temo has told State Prosecutor, Sekonaia Vodokisolomone to clear some confusion in his closing submissions in the case of Kelevi Tokalau who is charged with one count of manslaughter.

Justice Temo told the court this afternoon that three state witnesses have told three different stories about how and where Tokalau’s punches landed.

Justice Temo highlighted in the court that if this confusion is not cleared, there can be doubts created from three different stories.

Meanwhile, Tokalau who is alleged to have caused the death of 22‑year‑old Saula Sucu in Suva in April, 2015 has given his evidence.

Tokalau told the court that he did not punch Sucu on his face but he punched him on his stomach.

Justice Temo said the CCTV footage showed in court does not clearly show that Tokalau punched Sucu on his face.

Tokalau told the court and it was shown in the CCTV footage that he was carrying a woman who was drunk when he saw Sucu climbing through the nightclub window.

Tokalau says he and other staff took Sucu outside the nightclub and put him beside the wall.

He told the court that the head of security came and they pressed some of Sucu’s pressure points.

Tokalau told the court that he saw Sucu breathing and snoring and he went inside the night club to get a jug of water.

The CCTV footage showed that he walked in the nightclub and came out with a jug of water.

Tokalau told the court that they poured the water on Sucu’s head and he saw him reacting to this.

He says the head of security told them to go inside the nightclub and he stayed with Sucu.

Saula Sucu was found dead outside the nightclub.

Tokalau’s bail is extended.

The closing submissions will be made today.

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