18th August 04:36 PM
Journal on public health and the My Kana App launched
By Anamika Singh
Wednesday 16/08/2017
Minister for Health Rosy Akbar (middle) at the National Nutrition Symposium.

The National Food and Nutrition Center has today launched their first journal on public health and the My Kana App.

While speaking at the National Nutrition Symposium, Minister for Health Rosy Akbar says a core message is how essential nutrition and food security is for sustainable and inclusive development.

Akbar says nutrition and food security are also indicators of whether development is really inclusive and sustainable, whether the population is resilient to the effects of climate change and natural disasters and whether research in health and agriculture has helped to improve the lives and livelihoods of our vulnerable population.

The Fiji Journal for Public Health-Nutrition Edition is published for health practitioners and public health researchers and provides evidence based information and analysis needed to make the right decisions in public health services.

The My Kana App is an App designed by locals especially for the people of Fiji, and is based on local food, which guides users on the amount and type of food they should eat, and uses accessible measurement techniques, like the fist or palm or thumb.

The App does not need internet to be active, and the design team has come up with a means to download this App onto people’s phones without them being on the internet, through a Wifi device which the team can use to download the App onto people’s Smart phones.

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