22nd March 11:58 PM
Growing concern about some buses not stopping to pick up students and also buses speeding
By Semi Turaga and Pratika Mala
Wednesday 06/02/2019

There is growing concern today about some buses not stopping to pick up students, not clearly showing the routes they are travelling to and also buses speeding.

These concerns are being raised by parents deeply concerned about their children’s safety.

One parent, Sainul Hussein of Nadera says the bus her daughter is supposed to catch to travel home after school often does not stop at the Nabua bus stop.

Hussein says for the past two days she has had to pick up her daughter as well as her neighbor’s children.

She says Dee Cees Bus Services Limited provides services along the Nadera route and claims that often the company’s buses do not have signs specifying the route so her daughter doesn’t know which bus to stop.

We have contacted Dee Cees Bus Services Limited for a response and the Manager, Imtiaz Ali has assured us that he will respond later this afternoon.

But a company official tells us that the only time their buses do not stop is when it is full as they are monitored by their bus checkers at the Nabua Bus Stop who give a report in the afternoon.

Another parent, Wilma Kumar is concerned about buses speeding particularly those that pick up students and she’s had a very bad experience while being on a Nasese bus after picking up her child in the afternoon.

Nasese Buses Limited is yet to comment.

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