19th June 02:27 PM
Former Police Officers Association calls for review of Police back-pay in 2015
By Iva Danford
Wednesday 19/04/2017
Tevita Ralulu

The Former Police Officers Association is calling for redress and review of the Police back-pay in 2015.

While presenting his submission to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence, the executive member of the association, Tevita Ralulu said that in 2004, a 30% back pay was allocated by the previous government to the military, prisons and police departments.

Ralulu says the military and prisons departments enjoyed the privileges of receiving the full amount of payout while the police management opted to pay 6 percent only to its members and no payment was done after that.

He says before the 2014 elections he had requested the Prime Minister for the remaining 24 percent payout to be included in the next government budget and it was included in the 2015 budget.

Ralulu says when the budget came out, everyone in the Force received the money but he claims that it was only supposed to be for the officers that were in the Force in 2004.

He says some members of the Force back in 2004 received a lower amount while some did not receive anything.

Ralulu says the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence has assured him that his report will be submitted to the government.

Meanwhile members of the media were told to leave the room by the Chairman of the Committee Netani Rika during the Question and Answer Session.

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