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Fiji's constitution guarantees religious freedom - Akbar
By Semi Turaga
Monday 04/12/2017
Minister for Health and Medical Services Rosy Akbar

Minister for Health and Medical Services Rosy Akbar says Fiji is a multi‑faith nation with a constitution that guarantees religious freedom and establishes a secular state, in which all religions are equal.

While speaking at the Fiji Muslim League program for Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday, Akbar says that in today’s Fiji we seek to embrace the long‑established principles of equality and true democracy.

She says our constitution is clear in its intent to ensure equality and freedom for all, in deeds as well as in words.

She says it guides our efforts to repudiate our nation’s past history of division, racism, ethno‑nationalism and sectarianism.

Akbar says religion is a powerful unifying force, a bridge between all people of faith, no matter what their specific faith might be.

She adds a sense of spirituality, a belief in something greater than ourselves is common to the overwhelming majority of Fijians, no matter what their religious background adding even for those who do not align themselves with any organized religion, spirituality often remains a fundamental aspect of everyday life.

The Health Minister says Fiji’s constitution requires that we respect all religion where all faiths flourish in harmony, morality and goodness can prevail.

She thanked the Fiji Muslim League for the educational opportunities the League is providing in the five colleges and 17 primary schools that it operates.

Akbar adds that those opportunities for learning and growth are not just provided for children from the Muslim community but are also there for young people of other cultural backgrounds and faiths.

She adds when we celebrate the birth of the Prophet Mohammed, let us also celebrate the wonderful values he stood for and the values we share.

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