19th July 06:12 AM
FED UP: German man swims to work to avoid traffic
By Lena Reece
Tuesday 08/08/2017
Benjamin David clambering out of the river (Picture: Facebook/Benjamin David)

A man fed up with the commute has found a new way to get to work, carrying his computer and clothes in a waterproof bag.

40-year-old, Benjamin David, is a sight swimming 2km down the river every morning, dragging his orange bag behind him.

He manages to totally avoid being mashed up against bus or train passengers, stuck in traffic or cycling in lorry fumes.

David, from Munich in Germany, got the idea by watching the river flow right past his apartment.

He realised it would take him pretty much all the way to work and after trying it for the first time two years ago, he hasn’t looked back.

Each morning he hauls himself out of the river bank, dries off and waits for his colleagues to arrive.

He zips up his computer, suit, shoes and mobile phone in the bag, and is designed to be a buoyancy aid as well as storage, so it helps him just float downstream if he feels a bit tired.

Source: Metro

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