20th February 02:52 PM
Education Ministry completes full re-evaluation of salary bands for classroom teachers
By Iva Danford
Tuesday 13/02/2018

The Ministry of Education has announced that they have completed a full re‑evaluation of the salary bands for classroom teachers.

Attorney General and Minister for Education Aiyaz Sayed‑Khaiyum says the Ministry has now confirmed different job descriptions for the diploma‑qualified and degree‑qualified teachers.

This has been done as the Education Ministry has confirmed that administrative errors occurred in the contracting of teachers.

Sayed‑Khaiyum says the Ministry has been instructed to honour the original contract and ensure that teachers are not disadvantaged by administrative error.

He says the Ministry is very concerned at the way administrative errors were made by some individuals in the Ministry which continues to undermine the good outcomes of the reforms, particularly with regard to salary increases and the requirement for greater transparency and accountability.

Sayed-Khaiyum says no individual teacher should be receiving any less salary this year than they were last year.

He says further details about the re‑evaluation and how the transition will work will be announced internally to the teachers concerned and any changes to rectify ongoing administrative errors regarding teacher contracts will also be expedited as quickly as possible.

Sayed-Khaiyum says they are fully committed to bringing about a culture of transparency, and treating teachers with dignity and respect within the Ministry of Education and sorting through these issues in a fair and thoughtful manner is part of this commitment.

He says the re‑evaluation of the differences in the jobs reflects that for classroom teaching positions in all sectors, the fully qualified teacher requiring a degree will be on the same Band which is Band F, while assistant teachers requiring a diploma, will be on a lower Band E.

Sayed Khaiyum says this re‑evaluation is in accordance with the Job Evaluation Guideline and established practice through the reforms.

He says the Ministry is making every effort to determine the right mix of degree and diploma holders in each school and the transition of teachers to these amended bands will occur quickly, with an increase in salary for teachers affected to be paid from 22nd February.

Sayed-Khaiyum says they are also pleased to announce the rectification of salaries for a group of teachers who were appointed in 2015 and paid on lower rates than other teachers with similar qualifications these salaries will be corrected and they will be paid the difference in the coming weeks.

He says that they remain committed to the principle of position‑based pay and therefore, appointments of new teachers will be in accordance with the job evaluation guideline, which allocates their step based on the results from their recent job test.

The Minister says upon completion of probation, they move on to the appropriate Step based on their performance at that time and this is will mean that going forward, teachers will be paid different salaries dependent on their performance, not solely on their qualifications.

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