22nd July 09:02 AM
Dropping of soapstone from trucks danger to motorists in Suva
By Vijay Narayan
Thursday 10/08/2017
Tamavua‑i‑wai bridge.

Large quantities of soapstone dropping off from large dump trucks in Suva is now posing a great danger to motorists during rainy weather and has even resulted in two accidents on Reservoir Road.

It also makes our roads look muddy and dirty all the time.

Fijivillage has witnessed a convoy of large dump trucks carting loads of soapstone from an excavation site opposite the Tamavua‑i‑wai settlement, making their way along the riverside feeder road and onto the main road at the Suva end of the Tamavua‑i‑wai bridge and proceeding to destinations unknown.

The large quantities of soapstone are coming off the trucks, coating the road surface, covering the footpath, and filling the kerb.

When it rains and the road is wet, the soapstone turns into a slippery paste and road surface becomes dangerously slippery.

Sudden braking will result in loss of control of the vehicle.

Tamavua‑i‑wai bridge.

Yesterday afternoon, a vehicle travelling at regulation speed, slid out of control when turning up Reservoir Road. 

Another vehicle slid along Reservoir Road and went off the road ending up in the Chinese cemetery area.

Apart from the danger presented, the stretch of road which is the very entrance to our Capital City, looks disgraceful.

We have asked Police and LTA on whether the cartage company will be held accountable and the road surface and surrounds to be cleaned.

Police and LTA have confirmed that they will take immediate action and also hold a meeting with the company responsible today.

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