23rd October 05:22 PM
Dr Reddy says seawalls in Beqa need to be improved and will factor it into next year's budget
By Timoci Qaranivalu
Friday 27/07/2018
Minister of Waterways and Environment Dr Mahendra Reddy inspecting seawalls on Beqa Island

When the seawall was built, the height was sufficient, now due to climate change, the sea wall is no longer sufficient and we need to raise the height, and we are going to do that.

These were the words of the Minister of Waterways and Environment Dr Mahendra Reddy as he visited Nawaisomo village in Beqa yesterday.

Reddy stated that they will work on improving the seawall conditions but they may not be able to factor it into this year’s Budget, but will be able to deliver it in next year’s budget.

Reddy says they have other initiatives to follow up on to help reduce the damage to the seawall.

The Minister of Waterways visited also visited three more villages in Beqa yesterday to inspect the conditions of their seawalls.

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