27th May 03:58 PM
Dozens of birds found dead or injured with Christmas decorations tied around their necks and wings
By Semi Turaga
Thursday 10/01/2019
Dozens of sparrows have died after tinsel and Christmas decorations were tied around their necks in what animal activists have called a shocking case of animal cruelty [Photo: dailymail.co.uk]

Dozens of birds have been found dead or injured in New Zealand with Christmas decorations tied around their necks and wings.

Sparrows and pigeons with "decorative trinkets" tied to them have been reported in Wellington.

Some of them died of starvation as they were unable to fly and find food, according to animal welfare group SPCA.

Although there have been similar incidents since 2015, there has been a spike in sightings in recent weeks.

Authorities believe the birds are being deliberately "decorated" as the tinsel and bows are tightly and carefully attached, the New Zealand Herald reported.

[Source: BBC]

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