18th November 01:05 PM
Concerns raised regarding security companies not paying workers according to minimum wage rate
By Apenisa Waqairadovu and Aachal Chand
Thursday 06/09/2018
Minister for Employment Jone Usamate

The Ministry of Employment has raised serious concern regarding security companies that are not paying their workers according to the minimum wage rate.

Minister for Employment Jone Usamate says although these companies have been taken to the Arbitration Court, most of them are still not complying with the law.

Usamate says that he is aware of a particular company that is paying below the minimum wage rate.

This issue was raised with the Minister during his consultation in the Western Division.

Usamate says that they now have to think of new measures to ensure that security officers are getting what is rightfully due to them and that security companies are prevented from resorting to this sort of treatment.

The Minister is urging people to contact the Ministry if they find these anomalies in their work place.

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