20th September 05:35 PM
Clean up of Ba Town expected to finish by today
By Dhanjay Deo
Thursday 12/04/2018
Ba Town Council with the National Fire Authority cleaning up Ba Town last night (12-Apr-2018)

The Ba Town Council is working tirelessly with the National Fire Authority to quickly clean Ba Town and works are expected to finish by today.

CEO, Dip Narayan says the municipal market area has been cleaned and they are now focusing on the Central Business District.

Ba Town is the worst affected because flood waters have entered the town three times since April 1st, causing severe damage to over 200 businesses in the main street and also damaging market vendors’ stocks.

It will take some time for Ba to recover and damage assessments are underway which Narayan says will run into millions.

He says Yalalevu and parts of Namosau and Vatulaulau which falls within the Ba Town boundary have been severely affected by flood waters in the last 11 days.

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