30th April 03:15 PM
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CJ Gates addresses participants at the first hour procedure workshop
By Lena Reece
Friday 17/02/2017
Chief Justice Anthony Gates.

The first hour procedure and video of the caution interview is the first step in removing violence from the investigation process and from our society.

Chief Justice Anthony Gates made this comment while speaking at the Fiji Access to Justice Project Workshop at Holiday Inn.

Chief Justice Gates also highlighted that despite criticism that the pilot program has received, the project has made great progress.

He says that the framework of the access to justice project that is piloted in the CID and Totogo Police Station will see more professional and efficient interviews.

Chief Justice Gates adds that the cooperation of defence lawyers to attend caution interviews at 3 in the morning is also needed to see this project progress even further to eradicate violence.

40 participants from various NGOs and Civil Service Organisations are part of the Fiji Access to Justice Project workshop, that concludes this afternoon.