25th April 04:07 AM
Boarding Policy implementation in schools raised in Parliament
By Bob Waqasaqa
Tuesday 21/03/2017
Minister for Education Dr Mahendra Reddy

The main aim of the boarding policy is to help parents trust the schools to take care of their children when they send them to boarding schools.

Minister for Education Dr Mahendra Reddy highlighted this in Parliament today while responding to FijiFirst MP Jilila Kumar’s questions on the Boarding Policy implementation in schools.

Reddy says that they needed to create one uniform boarding policy for all boarding schools in the country.

Reddy says they undertook a draft policy and sent it to some schools around the country to get their feedback.

He says that the policy provides programmes for boarding schools that should be provided for students.

Reddy says that some of these things were not existent in some of the other boarding schools in Fiji.

Meanwhile, Opposition MP Mikaele Leawere then asked whether the Ministry will be increasing the boarding allowance for teachers in boarding schools.

Reddy says that boarding school staff are paid differently compared to teachers for a normal day to day school.

There are 170 boarding schools in Fiji.

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