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Assaults and robberies outside or near nightclubs in Suva now major concern
By Anamika Singh
Wednesday 05/12/2018

The number of assaults and robberies outside or near nightclubs in Suva is becoming a major concern over the last two months, and Police have increased operations to combat this.

Attacks outside nightclubs have been a topic of discussion for quite some time.

People have raised concerns where nightclub patrons are attacked and this does not happen only during the festive season as many people are now out in the capital city from Wednesday to Sunday.

A lot of people have been attacked at or near these places; Dragon Nightclub, Victoria Parade Service Station, the Suva Library area, opposite O'Reilly's Nightclub, the footpath from O’Reillys to Onyx Nightclub, opposite Vineyard Restaurant and along Carnarvon Street.

These areas entail the most nightlife activities in Suva from Wednesday to Sunday every week.

Fijivillage has noted several cases where nightclub patrons and those coming out of restaurants have been attacked and robbed, and a few have been brutally assaulted.

Concerned citizens have posted about these encounters on social media, where one person wrote of at least three instances where people were hurt during robberies.

One person got beaten up by a gang of boys on Victoria Parade while trying to find a taxi after a night out. He writes of two other instances where the victims were robbed and beaten outside nightclubs.

Another person wrote about groups of 15 to 20 year olds attacking and beating people and taking their money, mobile phones and wallets while the victims are down.

She writes of 3 sets of different people ending up in hospital.

There are many cases like these.

Fijivillage has also reported earlier of instances where families going to restaurants in that vicinity have been attacked.

Some of these cases have not been reported to Police.

Fijivillage noticed Police set up a tent along Victoria Parade last weekend and was rounding up people.

When asked, Police have confirmed it is part of their static operations in Suva City.

There were no arrests made.

As Police increase operations in major towns and cities to counter any rise in opportunistic crimes as we enter the festive season, Police Commissioner Sitiveni Qiliho has called on every individual to assist by being alert and vigilant.

Qiliho says that visibility will be increased up closer to and during the weekend as they continue to work with nightclub operators and the business community to assist with the use of the available technology to help with their operations.

Qiliho has stressed the need to being security conscious as personal safety starts with individuals.

The Police Commissioner says that they have increased their footprints in Suva and have pushed forward manpower from their Headquarters and other units and districts.

He says that criminals will be looking for a quick way to earn money and they would most likely target those who have had a bit too much to drink and this is why Police are urging everyone to enjoy themselves responsibly.

Qiliho says that they will make every attempt to provide the conducive environment for everyone to enjoy the nightlife in Suva, but they will need everyone to cooperate and understand that their personal security begins first and foremost with themselves.

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