24th May 11:51 PM
Apple’s shock iPhone admission
By Lena Reece
Thursday 14/09/2017
[Photo: Mirror].

Apple launched a new range of iPhones yesterday which might be perfect timing if your old device is beginning to slow down.

Apple says its flagship product, the iPhone, is technically only guaranteed to last for 365 days.

At least that’s what the company is arguing in a Californian court.

The consumer tech giant is facing a class‑action lawsuit filed by disgruntled customers after the touch screen on their devices stopped working properly.

Known as “touch disease” the issue has plagued a small percentage of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users who complained of diminishing sensitivity and spotty functionality of the touch screen after owning the device for a short while.

With an unresponsive touchscreen the phone effectively becomes frozen and can’t be used properly.

The plaintiff’s in the Californian case say the touch disease infected their phones after a year of ownership, Apple is washing its hands of any responsibility.

Source: News.com.au

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