16th December 12:14 AM
Aging trees in front of FDB building to be cut down due to posing safety threat to the public
By Lena Reece
Monday 08/10/2018
FDB building in the heart of Suva

The Fiji Development Bank has clarified that due to a posing safety threat to the public some of the aging trees in front of the FDB building in the heart of Suva had to be cut down.

However in a statement the Fiji Development Bank has stressed that it does not condone mass removal/cutting down of trees.

This comes after concerns were raised about the cutting of the trees as many people thought this was a very beautiful piece of nature in the heart of the city.

The Fiji Development Bank says that some of the trees that were removed were to make way for the new Development Bank Centre Garage project at the rear and south of the building, and subsequent landscaping of the entire building surrounds.

It adds that this is regrettable, but they can assure people that significant re‑planting will occur as part of the landscaping works as well as their larger and broader community/environment planting initiatives with a focus on native species.

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