27th May 03:02 PM
7yr-old reports her father to Police for not keeping his promise of building toilet
By Pratika Mala
Thursday 13/12/2018
Hanifa Zaara

A seven‑year‑old Indian girl has gone to the police after her father broke his promise to build her a toilet.

In a letter, Hanifa Zaara has told the police that her father had cheated her and should therefore be arrested. She said that she was ashamed to defecate outside.

Hanifa who lives with her parents in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, has never had a toilet in her house.

She told BBC that she asked her father to build a toilet in their house when she was in nursery.

In her letter to the police, she wrote that her father had told her, he would build the toilet if she topped her class.

Zarra wrote that she has been topping her class since nursery and is in the second grade now.

Her father had actually begun building the toilet, but did not have enough money to complete it. He is currently unemployed.

According to Unicef, many Indians do not have access to toilets and nearly 500 million defecate in the open.

[Source: BBC News]

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