14th December 09:24 AM
591 companies licensed with 3,639 products registered under Fijian Made campaign - Koya
By Iva Danford
Friday 09/11/2018

A total of 591 companies have been licensed with 3,639 products registered under the Fijian Made campaign.

This was highlighted by the Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya at the launch of the Fijian Organic Brand at the Sofitel Fiji Resort in Nadi, with several local companies also being certified.

Koya says that since the launch of the Fijian Made campaign, brands such as Fijian Grown, Fijian Sewn and Fijian Crafted are being increasingly used.

He says that the Fijian Organic is a new inclusion to this growing brand and gives recognition to local producers who make an effort to use organic farming methods.

Koya says that the Fijian Made brand, since its inception in 2011, has not only made a mark in the domestic market but is now highly demanded in the region and beyond.

The launch included the certification of Muppet Enterprise Limited, Vitilia Organic Farm, Doc’s Organics (Fiji), Kaiming Agro, Fiji China Juncao Tech Demonstration and Frezco Beverage.

The Minister confirmed that his Ministry would also partner with the Ministry of Agriculture, the United Nations Development Fund and organic stakeholders in developing a National Organic Policy Framework, with a consultant to be engaged next month for a draft.

He says there is a huge demand for organic food and people are now more than willing to pay a high price for organically grown foods and products.

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