19th August 04:26 AM
$2.68 national minimum wage rate is not fair - Lutua
By Dhanjay Deo
Tuesday 03/10/2017
Kuini Lutua [left] with Jone Usamate [middle]

The Project Officer of National Union of Factory and Commercial Workers is calling on government to have separate minimum wage rates as having a $2.68 national minimum wage rate is not fair.

While making her submission at a public consultation at the Lami Parish Hall today, Kuini Lutua also questioned Employment and Industrial Relations Minister Jone Usamate as to why the  garment and footwear workers cannot get a higher wage than what they are getting as the industry is thriving.

The new minimum wage rate for the Garment Industry is $2.68 per hour.

The new minimum wage rate for Manufacturing Industry is $3.28 while casual workers in this industry have to be paid $4.10 per hour.

Lutua says Garment and Footwear Industry is making millions of dollars and workers should also benefit.

Lutua says wage rates should be worked out based on what the companies earn.

While responding to Lutua’s questions and submissions, Usamate stated that they will have to work on a massive document if they were to demarcate different wages for different employer sizes based on profitability.

He says they have chosen to identify the different wage rates for smallest possible enterprises, however this does not limit employers from paying a higher rate.

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