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20-year-old intellectually disabled Fijian man due to be deported from NZ later this month
By Vijay Narayan
Friday 13/10/2017
Sagar Narayan (left) and his brother in Auckland [Photo: Lalit Narayan/theguardian]

A 20-year-old intellectually disabled Fijian man, Sagar Narayan who requires full‑time care from his family is due to be deported from New Zealand later this month.

When questioned by Fijivillage on the reasons for the deportation following some media reports, Immigration New Zealand Director of Operations Peter Elms says they can confirm that Sagar Narayan has been unlawful in New Zealand since January last year and has been given until 27th October to make arrangements to leave the country.

Elms says as a matter of background, Narayan’s family were granted residence in July 2008 but Sagar was withdrawn from his father’s residence application after Immigration New Zealand deemed he was unlikely to meet health requirements for residence.

He says at the time Sagar was withdrawn from the residence application, the family assured Immigration New Zealand that Sagar would be cared for by relatives in Fiji.

Elms says although Sagar has been granted temporary visas, a subsequent application for residence under the dependent child category was declined by Immigration New Zealand on health grounds – a decision upheld by the independent Immigration and Protection Tribunal.

He says subsequent appeals for Ministerial intervention have been declined and a deportation order was served on Sagar in April this year.

Elms says they have also worked closely with Sagar’s family and lawyer throughout this process to facilitate his departure from New Zealand.

The Guardian has reported that the intellectually disabled man is due to be deported from New Zealand because the government says the cost of caring for him is too expensive.

Sagar Narayan has severe intellectual disabilities and requires help with washing, getting dressed and eating his meals.

All of Narayan’s care is provided by his immediate family in New Zealand, and he spends his days in the family home watching TV.

The Guardian is reporting that Sagar’s family moved to Auckland from Fiji eight years ago to escape corruption and provide a better life for their four children.

They say that Sagar has no relatives in Fiji able to care for him, and claim that the Fijian government has told his family it cannot look after him if he returns.

Narayan’s parents and his three siblings are permanent residents in New Zealand, but he has been ordered to make plans to leave the country by 27th October after Immigration New Zealand said his condition was too great a burden on the health system.

Alastair McClymont, the family’s lawyer, who has made half a dozen appeals to Immigration New Zealand on Sagar Narayan’s behalf says Sagar doesn’t even understand what is going on, he doesn’t know what immigration is and has the mental age of a six‑year‑old.

Sagar’s father Lalit Narayan said the family had always looked after him at home and he has never required assistance from the state.

He says he doesn’t want money from the government, he just wants his son to stay with him.

Sagar Narayan has been assessed as costing New Zealand NZ$16,000 a year though his lawyer says that figure is based on him attending a special school, which he is no longer eligible for since turning 20.

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