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Medical officials contained typhoid outbreak cases and did not take leave - Waqainabete
By Lena Reece
Tuesday 12/02/2019
Minister for Health Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete and Opposition MP Viliame Gavoka

It is the task of any Fijian while building their house to ensure that they build the whole house which includes the provision of sanitation facilities.

This was highlighted by the Minister for Health Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete while responding to a supplementary parliamentary question by Opposition MP Viliame Gavoka about media reports of 65 people using only one toilet.

Dr Waqainabete highlighted that the Health Ministry has been monitoring and assessing the situation in Namosi and Naitasiri where the typhoid outbreaks were recorded and where it is found that there is a mis-match between the number of households and the number of sanitation facilities, health officials have encouraged villagers and supported them by utilizing funds within the Ministry of Health.

Waqainabete highlighted that since September 2018 there were 53 reported cases of typhoid fever, 30 confirmed and 15 suspected in Naitasiri while in Namosi there were a total of 22 reported cases, 10 confirmed and 12 suspected typhoid fever cases.

Waqainabete also went on to add that the Navosa outbreak has ended and cases that are being reported are from Naitasiri and Namosi however this is on a downward trend.

He also highlighted that there has been one death recorded in Naitasiri during the typhoid fever outbreak.

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