22nd March 07:54 PM
Flood waters recede in many areas
By Vijay Narayan, Naveel Krishant, Iva Danford, Apenisa Waqairadovu, Semi Turaga and Lena Reece
Wednesday 11/04/2018

Flood waters have receded in most parts of the country that were affected yesterday.

A flood alert remains in force for Vatukacevaceva to Rakiraki Town, Toge to Ba Town, Votualevu to Nadi Town, Waimanu to Nausori Town, Keyasi to Sigatoka Town, Nasivi to Tavua Town, Semo to Tuva River and Sabata to Navua Town.

Nakama Bridge, Urata Bridge, Vunivau Bridge, Vunimoli Bridge and Sarava Bridge in Labasa area still closed to all traffic.


A man died in Nailaga, Ba yesterday while trying to secure his house.

The man was placing concrete blocks on the roof when Ba started to get damaging winds.

It is understood that he fell off the roof.

Police say they will await the post mortem to determine whether it was an unnatural death.


76 homes in Dagai Village in Kadavu have been partially damaged following destructive winds annd storm surges that hit them during Tropical Cyclone Keni.

Dagai villager, Kameli Vaniqi says that the villagers have moved to a nearby village and some of them are now sheltering at Eliki Memorial School.

Vaniqi says that strong winds blew away rooftops and a storm surge also damaged houses that were situated near the coastline.   

We have been informed that farms in Kadavu have also suffered damages from the Cyclone.

A resident of Kavala has also confirmed that farms in Kavala and Yaukuve have suffered major damages.

Police have confirmed that Nalotu village was also struck by a storm surge yesterday with waves covering 200 metres of the village, destroying 2 homes, however there have been no reports of any casualties.

Meanwhile Fijivillage have received confirmation that Vunisea Secondary School Library was partially damaged.



The National Police Command Centre says that there are 5 bridges that are currently affected by flood waters after water levels began to rise during high tide at 3 this morning.

Police say these bridges include Nakama Bridge, Urata Bridge, Vunivau Bridge, Vunimoli Bridge and Sarava Bridge. They are closed to all traffic.

The National Disaster Management Office says that a team will be deployed this morning to assess damages and as they monitor water levels, teams will ensure that roads and crossings are cleared once water levels recede.



Flood waters in Rakiraki Town have receded.

Businessman Azmat Ali says there was massive flooding in Rakiraki Town yesterday and flood waters entered his shop and restaurant.


Ali says there is also no power in Rakiraki from 10pm yesterday.

The Rakiraki Town Council is also organizing a clean up in Rakiraki Town with the National Fire Authority.



Ba Town Special Administrator Dip Narayan says that flood waters have receded in Ba.

Narayan says they will start the clean up today.



A few houses in Withrow Road, Dilkusha got flooded this morning.

Praveen Prasad says that water entered their home at about 6am this morning.

Lokia Road from Ram Pati Store to Nakaikogo Primary School is flooded and this has cut off access to more than 500 residents.

A resident, Maciu Sela says that flood waters stand at 1.5 meters.

Meanwhile we have received information from a resident of Naqali Village in Naitasiri that the road from Naqali Village to Nabukaluka is flooded.

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