23rd May 08:37 PM
Discovery of bullets is just a tip of the iceberg - Bulitavu
By Dhanjay Deo
Tuesday 10/01/2017
Shadow Minister for Defence Mosese Bulitavu.

Police Commissioner Sitiveni Qiliho says he will not be commenting on statements released by politicians regarding the discovery of bullets in Lautoka last Sunday.

He says they are doing their work and will not be drawn into political statements.

Shadow Minister for Defence Mosese Bulitavu has released a statement saying the recent discovery of bullets is just a tip of the iceberg.

He is calling on the Police and the RFMF to get to the Shadow figures.

Bulitavu says although two persons have been charged with being in possession of arms and ammunition without a license, all aspects linked to discovery of the ammunition must be uncovered.

Bulitavu said the discovery could be part of a wider network that either transit weapons through Fiji for terrorist activities elsewhere in the region or is brought to Fiji for potential terrorist attack in the country.

The Opposition Parliamentarian is also calling on the Police and the RFMF to check all Fijian passports issued to foreigners in the past few years, look into the financial activities of all business connected to the discovery and raid all places where regular meetings have been conducted.

Bulitavu has further stated that it will be hard to get names and factual information out of these types of terrorist suspects in a normal police caution interview and the military should set up a special detention camp to keep all that are arrested in relation to the case.

He adds the RFMF needs to activate a special counter terrorism unit given the infiltration by those involved so far.

Meanwhile, when contacted this afternoon, the Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces Viliame Naupoto said he will not make any comments in relation to Bulitavu’s statement as Police investigations are ongoing.

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