16th July 12:21 PM
2018 general elections was only the second genuine democratic elections in Fiji’s history - Konrote
By Vijay Narayan
Friday 07/12/2018
United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Environment David Boyd with President Jioji Konrote and Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum at the conference [Photo: Fijian Govt]

President Jioji Konrote says the 2018 general elections was only the second genuine democratic elections in Fiji’s history.

While opening the 20th Attorney General’s Conference at the Intercontinental Hotel in Natadola, President Konrote says we all should also be proud that the 2018 general elections was deemed free and fair by international independent observers.

The President also says the constitution has been further cemented after the general elections and the Attorney General’s Conference gives people an insight on what is expected in the future.

President Konrote says new laws were passed and other laws were amended since the last conference.

He says the Accident Compensation Act has paid out $1.2 million to victims’ families, providing financial security in times of great personal loss and strife.

The President says Fijians with disabilities are protected more than ever and empowered to live out their lives and participate in our economic development without fear of discrimination.

He says landowners are tapping into getting their fair share of the lucrative mining industry, advancing the national economy and allowing more Fijians to tap into the potential that the land holds.

President Konrote says 20 years ago, very few of us could have imagined that Fiji would have progressed to where we stand now.

The President says at a time when fear mongering and falsehoods can spread unchecked both on social media and at the community level, the informed and measured voices from the Attorney General’s Conference on the issues of the day can make a real difference in how Fijians see the world.

President Konrote says as of late it has often been difficult to know who or what to trust and more than ever we are seeing the most trustworthy source for information being word of mouth from a trusted friend or family member.

Matters being discussed in the conference are international arbitration, electronic and smart contracts, building the cities of tomorrow, the interdependence between human rights and the environment, balancing the rights of speech and safety and building our capacity in competition law.

The conference ends tomorrow.

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