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Fiji Time: 10:09, Thursday 24th Apr 2014
Local woman receives Pacific scholarship
Time: 15:16 - 14/02/2013

A local woman is one of the first in the Pacific to receive the inaugural Pacific Islands Forum Anniversary Scholarship this morning.

Makereta Konrote of Fiji will pursue a Master of Environmental and Resource Economics.

She is one of the six recipients in the Pacific selected from the top ranked candidates identified through Australia and New Zealand’s normal 2012 scholarship application and selection processes.

Secretary General of the Pacific Island Forum Tuiloma Neori Slade said the commitment to supporting the scholarships originated from the announcement made by New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard at the Forum Leaders meeting in Auckland in September 2011.  

Other recipients are from Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Samoa.

Story by:
Sofaia Koroitanoa
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