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Fiji to celebrate 100 years of rugby
Time: 13:24 - 14/02/2013

2013 marks the centenary of rugby in our country and the Fiji Rugby Union is excited to celebrate this landmark with a match against the World Barbarians.

FRU Chief Executive Officer Manasa Baravilala said they are excited that Fiji will get another opportunity to face the Babaas.
Fiji last met the Babas in 1970 in one of the most celebrated matches ever played by the Barbarians when Fiji shocked the rugby world by beating a star-studded Barbarians team.

Some of our heroes in the famous victory include George Barley, Pio Tikoisuva, Jona Qoro and Isimeli Batibasaga.

The match is schedule to be played at Twickenham on the 30th of November.

Story by:
Aliki Bia
Thread posted by Editor of Fiji


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