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Fiji Time: 19:17, Wednesday 16th Apr 2014
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Anirudh Diwakar - November 24th 1952 to August 25th 2011

Anirudh Diwakar

One of the most experienced radio broadcasters in the country and the father of Hindi radio in Fiji Anirudh Diwakar has passed away.

Diwakar, who was the Programmes Director of CFL’s Hindi speaking station Radio Sargam, passed away at the Suva Private Hospital last night.

CFL Managing Director William Parkinson said that Diwakar will be greatly missed by many.

Funeral arrangements will be announced later.



William Parkinson

Here at 231 Waimanu Rd, the Communications Fiji Ltd family is mourning the loss of our colleague and old friend Anirudh Dewakar and our hearts go out to his family and loved ones in this difficult time.

I first got to know Anirudh when we worked together at Radio Fiji in the late 70’s. He was by then already established as one of Fiji’s leading radio personalities combining his golden voice with charm, a deep appreciation of music, Bollywood and the community he grew up in.

We went our separate ways but when it came time for Communications Fiji Ltd to launch a Hindi radio station there was no doubt in my mind as to who I wanted to lead the project. While his obvious talent was what first attracted me, the key thing was his thirst for knowledge and his willingness to try new things.

Hindi radio at the time was restricted by a style that tended to copy All India Radio and demanded that announcers use very formal Hindustani using words and grammar that many Fiji listeners struggled to understand. Anirudh realized that here was an opportunity to break free and build a radio station that spoke to the Fiji Indian community in a language they understood while entertaining and informing them about issues they loved and cared about.

The rest as they say is history. Navtarang, born in 1989, was an instant success and of all the radio stations we have started across the Pacific it remains the most successful nearly 22 years later. Anirudh not only led the Navtarang team but for over 14 years hosted the breakfast show developing it into THE most popular show in Fiji radio.

In early 2003 Communications Fiji Ltd won a Government tender to provide a community focused public service Hindustani radio station. Despite almost impossible deadlines Anirudh successfully launched Radio Sargam on time and once again it was a big hit. Communications Fiji Ltd’s bid was subsequently rejected but Radio Sargam lived on broadcasting alongside Navtarang aiming its program at an older more conservative audience. Once again his breakfast and later afternoon shows proved hugely popular.

40 years is a long career by anyone’s standard but what always impressed me about Anirudh was that his passion and desire for excellence never faded. In fact on the afternoon of his passing we were discussing ways in which we could improve Radio Sargam.

It will come as a real shock to his many fans that the golden voice that was part of their daily lives for 40 years is no longer there and at Communications Fiji LTD we will certainly miss his leadership but I know his legacy in both Radio Navtarang and Radio Sargam will live on in the next generation of broadcasters who learnt so much from him.

Rest in Peace Anirudh
William Parkinson
Managing Director
Communications Fiji Ltd

With Deepest Sympathy

We were extremely shocked and saddened by the news of the sudden passing away of Mr Diwakar.

On behalf of Vinod Patel Group, I extend our most sincere and heartfelt condolences to you and your grieving family.

We do understand the grief you and your family are going through and pray that the Almighty give you and your entire family the strength to bear the loss and grant solace during this difficult time.

We pray that you all find comfort in the memory of your departed loved one. May Mr Diwakar’s spirit continue to fortify your family’s strength and endeavors to carry on in spite of his passing away.

As sadness casts its shadow on you today, may the light of Mr Diwakar’s memories stay with you through each tomorrow.

Without doubt Mr Diwakar was a very well known media personality and obviously made a huge contribution to Fiji and its people.

He was extremely knowledgeable, yet very humble and a well respected person.

If he had lived, he would have contributed so much more. However, fate had its own plan and suddenly he is no more with us.
We are certain many people will miss him and his voice on the air.

May his soul rest in peace.

Vinod S Patel
Vinod Patel Group

To my dear friend - Anirudh
Some people forget
Some move away
Some keep silent
Some just change
But I am not one of them
I am here just for two moments
Now and forever

Thank you for 37 years of friendship

We will meet again in heaven, where our friendship will never end.

Rohini A Kiron of Harris Park, NSW, Australia

I Sesa Reddy with my wife Mohini Reddy and staff of Neritak Equipment Ltd of 37 Matua St, Walubay Suva are deeply shocked and saddened on the sudden passing away of Late Mr Anirudh Diwakar, whom we hear everyday in our office and home.

The golden voice of Mr Anirudh which we cannot forget, a senior and experienced radio personality of Radio Sargam, our favourite station.

We pray almighty God to rest his soul in peace; and give courage and strength to his wife and family in returning a normal life soon.

May God rest his soul in peace.
Sesa Reddy with Management & Staff.
Neritak Equipment Ltd

On 26th August 2011 we were indeed saddened with the news of the untimely passing away of Anirudh Diwakarji.

Not only CFL has lost a great announcer but whole of Fiji is mourning the loss of one and only number 1 Hindustani announcer of Fiji. It will be hard to fill the vaccum which has been left by Mr Anirudh Diwakarji. His legend voice will be remembered in Fiji and in whole world. Mr Diwakarji, may your soul rest in peace.

Avinesh Sami & Family

We will all be missing the legend who has left a vaccum in Hindi Radio.

He was the last and very prominent annoucer in the Radio History.

Please accept our gratitude towards his funeral

Kind Regards

Mrs Anirudh Diwakar and Family

Those we love don’t go away
They walk beside us everyday
Unseen, unheard, but always near
Still loved, still missed and very dear

I was shocked to hear of the sad demise of Mr Anirudh Diwakar. My heartfelt condolences to his family. I pray to the almighty Lord to give them courage, strength and support.

Mr and Mrs Satya Kumar
Ulusila Road, Cuvu, Sigatoka
(Justice of Peace)

Please accept our deepest sympathies.

We remember and mourn the loss of a former colleague and a cool friend, Anirudh. Our hearts go out to his extended family at CFL, his wife and children in this difficult time.

Wish you strength to get through this very sad time.

Sashi Kanta
Diwakar Prasad
Shalen Shandil
Rajesh Maharaj
Sam Thompson
And the team at Humm 106.2fm

To Andy:
Zindagi ka safar hai yeh kaisa safar,
Koi samjha nahee, koi jana nahi,
Hai yeh kaisa dagar,
Koi samjha nahee, koi jana nahi...

I was indeed shocked and saddend to hear the news of the untimely demise of former Radio Fiji colleague Anirudh Diwakar. I had the pleasure of knowing Anirudh in the 70s.

Besides the obvious loss to his family, his passing away is also a great loss to broadcasting in Fiji. His shoes will be hard to fill. As a broadcaster, Anirudh will be missed by his fans who respected his command of the Hindi language and his knowlege of Hindi music.

Rest in peace old mate
Larry Kant

We would like to express our sincere condolences on the recent passing of Anirudh Diwakar, the most loved radio announcer, also sending our thoughts and prayers to the family at this difficult time.


Not only Communications Fiji Ltd has lost a great man but whole of the world is mourning the loss of the great son of Fiji. It will be hard to fill in the vaccum which has been left by Mr Anirudh Diwakar, what a lovely voice we will be missing. Being far away from Fiji, me and my family always love listerning to Fiji Hindi radio and most common voice in our house is normally Navtarang or Radio Sargam

Our prayers and sincere sympathies are with the families
Once again Let us all pray for his noble soul to rest in peace
Mr & Mrs Sunil Prakash Ram
Toronto, Canada (formally of Koronivia Nausori)

We are indeed saddened with the news of the untimely passing away of Anirudh Diwakar.

Please pass on sincere condolence to his beloved family and we pray that God gives them the strength to bear this singular loss.

We pay tribute to late Anirudh Diwakar in that he was able to communicate with radio listeners and he established a huge following.

His distinctive melodious voice appealed to everyone and it would be very difficult for someone to fill the void that has been created.

Late Diwakar’s voice is immortalized in your studios and we hope radio listeners will have the chance to hear him from time to time.

We as Executives and Staff of Motibhai Group worked closely with late Anirudh Diwakar and we participated in some morel initiations, we enjoyed his cooperation and support.

We mourn his passing away and pray may his soul rest in peace.

Mahendra Patel on behalf of Executives and Staff of Motibhai Group

Sad to hear the passing away of our master voice Mr Anirudh Diwakar.

His legend voice will be remembered to present and future generation.

May his soul rest in peace.

God give strength to his family and Management and staff of Communications Fiji Ltd.

Bharath K. Raman Lal, the Management and Staff of Raman Lal and Sons

We would like to express our condolences to all the family.
He was my wonderful cousin and I will truly miss him. I pray for his soul to rest in peace. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone whose heart he touched. Love always his sister Kamlesh (Rai Sagar).

Rai and Vidya Sagar of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

It is very sad to hear the death of Mr Dewakar, very good announcer, we all will miss his voice. Our sincere sympathy to all his family. Old memories are saddening.

Kamal, Manju, Avenal and Edwin from Sydney Australia

Great Loss, May his soul rest in peace and give his family lot of strength.

Anita Kumar from Auckland, NZ

My thoughts are with the Diwakar family and I understand the pain and sorrow they would be going through now. 

With the deepest sympathy from Satish Prakash & family from Sydney, Australia. 

Loss of Golden Voice, Loss of Radio Legend
Our sincere tributes to Diwakar Family, will be hard to replace his golden charming voice. Will be missed by the nation and the Fiji people in New Zealand.

Anand Kumar of NZ

We would like to express our sincere condolences on the recent passing of Anidrudh Diwakar, the most loved radio announcer, also send our thoughts and prayers to you and your family at this difficult time.

It is still incredible to believe he is no longer amongst us, the ads in the radio remind us all And I do know that he was very highly respected throughout this community and profession, and his good works changed the lives of many.

You were truly fortunate to have such a pleasant voice and a gift of nature.
No comfort is quite enough to replace the loss.

Please accept our deepest sympathies.

Ashok, Suman Kumar of NSW Australia

My wife Mrs. Sushila Wati Prasad and I Mr. Indar Prasad of 45 Muktaben Plot, Vatuwaqa are deeply shocked and saddened on the sudden passing away of Late Mr. Anirudh Diwakar, a senior and experienced radio personality of Radio Sargam, our favourate station.
We pray his almighty god to rest his soul in peace; and give courage and strength to his wife and family in returning a normal life soon.

Mr. & Mrs. Indar Prasad of 45 Muktaben Pl., Vatuwaqa, Suva

We, Mr & Mrs C.K Narsey and family of Lautoka want to post our condolences to Mr Diwakar's family. He was a great man and a great leader amongst us. Listening to his voice on the radio in the mornings made our days fresh and joyful even in the evenings. May his soul rest in peace.


Our condolences also for the Staff and Management of Radio Navtarang and Sargam.

Mr & Mrs C.K Narsey of Lautoka City

It is so sad to see that you are gone....But in Gods hand as he takes the good flowers always.

Your golden voice will always be remembered by your loved ones, sadly missed by families and friends.

This is hard to believe but God will give strength to the family.

Sadly missed by Aunty, Veena , Angel and Shirley from Dubai and Australia

Obituary to The Late Anirudh Diwakar

The late broadcaster, Mr Anirudh Diwakar was a great speaker and a true friend of the business community.

His mesmerizing voice and his integrity during in depth interviews has always been a rare treat for his listeners.

Anirudh was always an envy of his fellow workers as he went around his broadcasting duties with meticulous preparation and excellent presentation. It appeared that every announcer wanted to emulate his work habits and style of presentation.

He was on a first name basis with most of the leading businessmen through his interaction with them in different works of life.

His peace and harmony addresses still ring a bell to all the different communities throughout Fiji.

We saw him handle with great dexterity the different stages of Hindi Broadcasting in Fiji.

We will miss the Golden voice of Hindi Broadcasting in Fiji.


The application read exactly like so "I wish to apply for a position of a cadet reporter".

And the year was 1985 in the studios of Radio West on Vomo Street, Lautoka. I was being interviewed by none other than Mr Radio Anirudh Diwakar.

But before I could spring into answering Anirudh’s questions, yeah I was mesmerised with the power of his voice and a split second flash back to the popular hit show "Pops Geet Mala", halucination may be not reality you bet, after a series of Y’s, Do’s and naadaa’s Anirudh Diwakar said "Do you know Urdu", with a nod gesture then as a 19 year old and naive, I said yes, did him a piece and taddaa I was hired as the Radio Fiji's Western News corrospondent.

Anirudh bro, I can’t thank you enough, you gave the needed break and years on I’m at it plugging it away as a reporter in Canada.

A few months back I tuned on to the breakfast show and guess what my wife said "This guys got some voice", she was just two when she migrated so you had some fans World over. I’m jealous. Talk about a vivid memory of "that" visit to the studious while fellow Announcer Sudesh Anand Maharaj and I looked on. Never mind, top secret.

Great voice, influence, and more. A few tears gave me solace. Rest In Peace.

Asuad Ali
Former Fiji Journalist
Surrey, BC, Canada

It was great working with you. You were always there to support and guide us. We have certainly lost a very talented and educated person. A person with golden voice. I started work in the news room in CFL in 2005. Therefore it took me a long time to learn the basics of all the aspects of news. It was more difficult to read news in the presence of Anirudh probably because he will ask you the questions if you make any blunder in the news, but he will ensure that we don’t repeat the same mistake again. He always guided us in correcting grammer and sentences.

I still remember once I asked Anirudh ji I wanted to join announcing and he told me your voice is very good for news so stick to it but still you gave me 2-3 pages of old actress and actors history and told me to pick main points and rewrite their histories and then record it in my voice and I found it bit difficult probably because I was not very familiar with old actors and actresses details. When doing breakfast we ensure that before taking out world news we would give Anirudh the raashi fal. He will just for ask it once. Time was very precious for him and his work too. Sometimes he will come in the weekends just to monitor the staff. He was very helpful.

Hope your soul rest in peace Anirudh ji.
Former news presenter Radio Sargam/Navtarang
Monika Prasad & family
Brisbane, Australia

Our family is so shocked to hear about passing away of uncle Anirudh so suddenly.

My mum, mosis, nanis and mamas were so fond of uncle Anirudh’s programme in the afternoons. With mum retiring, radio is good company for her, even my grannies lie in the bed with transistors was with them, listening to uncle Anirudh about life, health tips, puja and horoscope details, old classic movies and about film stars.

My chota mama was really touched when he was describing baba Shammi Kapoorji’s lifestyle and his film life. Uncle Anirudh surely will be missed. God gives them (Anurag and family) strength.

Deepest sympathy and prayers with the Diwakar family.
From Sharma, Mishra, Singh and Maharaj families in Nepani, Nasinu, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne - Australia, Auckland, Wellington - New Zealand, British Columbia - Canada, Hayward, Florida, New York – USA.

RIP and Smile in Heaven uncle Anirudh

You were definetly a character, so full of life and a great heart. Enjoyed working alongside you, not to mention the late nights by the yellow bucket. You will surely be missed by the greater media community and all your dedicated listeners.

Moce mada Anirudh, take your roti parcel joke with you.
Auckland, New Zealand

Mr Diwakar, may your soul rest in peace. You will be remembered by my father Mr Deo Sharan Singh (Babu) who worked with you for many years at Fiji Broadcasting Commission (FBC) and shared many wonderful memories. Your voice will always be remembered as the Golden Voice of the Hindi Program. Our deepest condolences to the Diwakar family in Fiji and abroad.

With fondest memories,
Mr Deo Sharan Singh & family
Ceres, CA USA

Truly a sad loss, I loved listening to "Sham ka Safar" about 30 years ago. That use to be the best part of my day, the music he played & his voice was truly amazing. He will be missed immensely.

Nur Cetin
Edmonton, AB

It is so hard to believe that we have lost a dearly loved person like Anirudh, passed away so suddenly.

I have come to known Anirduh since 1983 from Radio West in Lautoka. I admired Anirudh for his strength of character and his faith towards the public. I will continue to be inspired by the actions he took and the things he said while he was alive.

He will live in my memories.
Miss you forever.
Shashi Geeta

The Indo Fijian community in Auckland, in fact throughout New Zealand is shocked with the untimely passing away of Fiji’s Golden voice, who started a new trend in Hindi radio broadcasting.

He was a friend to many and will be deeply missed by numerous friends he had all around Fiji and New Zealand. His contribution to radio broadcasting in Fiji will be remembered and emulated for generations. Others around the world with Indo Fijian Radio stations learnt from his trend-setting style. The media fraternity has lost a great person. May his soul rest in peace and may God grant strength to his family to bear this deep vacuum his passing away has created, not only in his family but in Hindi radio voice in Fiji.

Thakur Ranjit Singh
Pacific Media Centre,
Auckland, New Zealand

I am deeply saddened to hear the sudden and untimely loss of our great ambassador.

Not only Communications Fiji Ltd has lost a great man but whole of the world is mourning the loss of the great son of Fiji. It will be hard to fill in the vaccum which has been left by Mr Anirudh Diwakar, what a lovely voice we will be missing.

Our prayers and sincere sympathies are with the families and may his soul rest in peace.

Sanjay Prakash
(Member of Fijian Community in Cook Islands) Finance Manager & Assistant Manager Muri Beach Club Hotel

A huge loss for Fiji and the media world. He was an amazing person with an outstanding voice. He leaves behind a huge space to fill. I am glad l had a chance to work with him at FBC. He was a great person.

May his soul rest in peace and God give his family to bear his departure.

With kinds thoughts
The Pal Family
Surrey, BC

A legend, a personality, people’s person and so much more. Words are not ample to describe how Anirudh touched the hearts of so many people. His passion, dedication and enthusiasm to please his audience is what I admired the most. Anirudh’s hunger and passion to bring innovation to Hindi Radio was his key focus. His goal was to entertain listeners of yester years, today’s generation and that of tomorrow. This is something he excelled in when he was given the opportunity with Radio Navtarang. As Anirudh said to me, the rest is history.

I have had the privilege to associate with him since I was 12. I spent most of my vacation hanging out with him in the studios of Radio Fiji. During this time, he inspired me to take up broadcasting. Although he said that I would never make it, he supported me. When I started my broadcasting career in Sydney, Anirudh supported me with guidance, materials and coaching. I will miss him calling me to say " your style was not right", "You need to find your voice modulation", and "You need to capture the audience so that they can stay with you on the journey". Hence, his catch phrase was "SAFAR - SARGAMI SAFAR"

Outside he had the charisma to relate to people at all levels with the attitude of "having fun in life".

I have learnt from the best in the business. Mate, your legacy will continue through the people you have mentored. If I can be 1% as good as you, I’ll feel fortunate.

Thank You Sunny and Rest In Peace.

Eddie Diwakar
Radio Lehren

A very sad loss for everyone who knew him and for the country. Although he has left this world his voice will be immortal. Our thoughts goes out to his family. May his soul rest in peace.

Satish, Angila, Aveechal & Aradhana
Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

Thanks for all your $5 during our grog sessions for taxi fare.

You always call us your juniors "My Son". Never stopped to throw in an advice line in radio reporting, jokingly, professionally.

You are among the greats like Garry O’costa, Yaminiasi Gaunavou, Semi Koroi, Tukini Cama, Mere Lomaloma, Akuila Qumi and Bernadette R Ganilau.

There will be no other Anirudh Diwakar, but a challenge you leave behind to continue the passion and to carry on the good work you started for everyone in this field.

Rest In Peace Sir Anirudh

Maikeli Seru
Fiji Sun Limited

An iconic figure - now a historic milestone.

First met him at Radio Fiji for a recording on Yuwa Vani in 1981. Since shared many poetry ( shayeris- Guftgu). I was at the opening of Navtarang in 90 with him and the entire CFL team. Shared many Eids and Diwalis with families in 90s.

My heart felt condolences to Rajni, Vandhni, Shiwani and Anuraag Diwakar. Wish we could be there to share your grief.

Muhammed and Aysha Haroon of San Leandro, California, USA.

Rest in peace Bro

It is with much regret and sadness that I write here on the death of a former colleague and a personal friend whom I had known almost 40 years.

Anirudh as a broadcaster brought a new dimension to Hindi programs in Fiji. While at Radio Fiji he was among the first to embark on the "personality" programming hosting the breakfast show on Radio Fiji 2. During this period we had worked together very closely on the format and style of his segments.

Later he moved to Radio Navtarang as the founding broadcaster with enormous success and then moving on to launch Radio Sargam for William Parkinson’s CFL as the second Hindi network.

While I moved on to Sydney we had remained in contact and visited him at the CFL studios on my trips to Suva for a talanoa or lunch.

Farewell mate, it was a pleasure to know you and to have you as a colleague. yaaden rahe jati hain. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this difficult time. May you rest in peace.

Jai and Rajni Kumar

I joined CFL as Cadet engineer in 1996. This was the days when CFL was still in the old building. My job as a young engineer was to clean the tape machine and the most challenging time was in the mornings when Anirudh was on shift.

He was a very strict man who always wanted everything to be working in a tiptop condition. He was a man who of top work ethics and loved what he did.

Over the years as I came to know him personally, I found out that he was a very helpful man. Surely he will be missed. RIP

Salendra Singh
Network Engineer | NSW Customer Assurance| Networks | Optus

The Late Anirudh Diwakar
He had a voice with celestial melody

It is with great sadness and sorrow we have received the news of the death of Mr Anirudh Diwakar.

Knowing Anirudh since 1975 when he was a budding radio personality with Radio Fiji One’s Hindustani Programme, it has been a pleasure being part of Anirudh hosting the programme at that time "YUVA VANI", as he used to allocate time for me in my capacity as Director for the National Youth Council.

Anirudh revolutionized the Radio Broadcast industry in Fiji and was without doubt the nation’s leading Hindustani Radio Personality who almost singlehandedly ruled the airwaves for decades.

He made radio accessible and people friendly through his humbleness and love for the job of radio personality while charming thousands with his voice and pleasant nature.

Having successfully launched Radio Sargam and Radio Navtarang, which have reached the hearts of many Hindustani listeners, Anirudh was a man of the people and was always interested in highlighting community issues through his various programmes.

His credit also goes to the talk back shows in community outreach programmes and openness in broadcasting to highlight important issues affecting grassroots communities.

Time and space does not allow me to list the many initiatives of Anirudh.

He had a style of his own which will be hard for the next generation of radio personalities to emulate.

His voice, his passion for radio and his dedication to his chosen profession will be sorely missed by generations, a legend hard to replace.

May his soul rest in peace & sincere condolences to his family and Communications Fiji Ltd for having lost one their precious family members and a dedicated personality.

A Tribute by: Mr Mohammed Hassan Khan, Executive Director, Fiji Council of Social Services.

My first ever experience in the media industry is due to Anirudh Diwakar.

As a 19-year-old fresh out of school I was interviewed and taught the ins-and-outs of what it means to be a radio sports reporter.

I owe where I have made it today in my career to the man I am proud to call my MENTOR!

To Anirudh’s family - find peace in the fact that your father has had a major impact on so many people’s lives and he truly will be MISSED. I THANK THE LORD THAT I WAS ABLE TO TALK TO YOU ONE LAST TIME YESTERDAY.




Irfaan Khan

I am deeply saddened to hear of the sudden untimely demise of Anirudh Diwakar.

Late Mr Anirudh Divakar will be always remembered in Fiji and abroad for his contribution as one of the most talented, respected and admired Hindi Radio program presenters. I always listened to all his programs when he was in Radio Fiji and also in Radio Sargam and Radio Navtarang.

The last program I listened to in Radio Sargam was on 9th August 2011 when I was on my way to Western Samoa.

Words are inadequate to express the sadness we feel and our thoughts and prayers are with the families of Late Anirudh Diwakar and the staff of Communications Fiji Ltd.

Let us all pray for his noble soul to rest in peace.

Please accept my heartfelt sympathy from Samoa.

Kind Regards
Bhaskaran Mudaliar
Owners Representative | Tanoa Tusitala Hotel

Death is a norm and no one is spared however there are certain people whose departure creates a vacuum and will be very difficult to replace.

So is Mr Diwakar in the broadcasting and communications industry. As a young professional, I have known him for few years when I used to be MPI’s information officer and he approached me to record a few agricultural tips to be played over Sargam.

Radio Sargam will be incomplete without you. He was a great man who was always willing to listen

May your soul rest in peace diwarkarji.
With Regards
Vinesh Prasad
Group Information and Communications officer
Secretariat of the Pacific Ccommunity.

This is hard to believe that we have lost such a great voice and personality. Mr Anirudh Diwakar was a very helpful jovial person. I personally got to know this great man in the year 2006 that is when I joined CFL’s "winning team".

Since then I never ever remember seeing him unhappy or in anger. He was always laughing he had a great voice. His memories will forever be with us.

Radio Sargam has lost a great personality but he has taught this wonderful team how to cope up with work without him.

May his GREAT soul RIP. Strong & encouraging hugs to the entire team at Radio Sargam (CFL). GOD Bless u all.

Natasha Sharma

We are very sad to hear of the passing of Mr Anirudh Diwakar. His golden voice will be missed by the listeners of Fiji and abroad.

"He, who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, more present than the living man. Hold tight to memories for comfort. Our thoughts and prayers are with his families. Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy. May his memories give you all strength. May the love of those around help through the days ahead."

May the comfort of God help his close ones during this difficult time.
Sabita Gandhi

Dearest Family of Anirudh Diwakar (Navtarang and Sargam family too)

I join with so many others who knew Anirudh Diwakar in offering our deepest sympathy on his passing. Although it is little consolation at this sad time, it should be of some satisfaction to know that in his passing you can celebrate the end of a very long and productive life. Thanks for touching so many hearts.

The measure of a life well-lived is not in how much money one has or what possessions they have accumulated, but rather through the lives they touched and the sorrow they leave behind. If the outpouring of sympathy on his loss is any indication, and it most certainly is, you can proudly and confidently say that his indeed was a life well-lived.

May you find peace and comfort in knowing that his loss is felt by all who knew and loved him. The openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy. I know you will be a bigger star in the sky

May his soul rest in peace.
In Sympathy,
Akhilesh Sahayam & Family
California, USA

The Anirudh I knew and will always know.

Chirago se chirag humne jalana chaha
Roshni ko roshni se humne boojhana chaha
Har pal har lamha hum yaad karenge
Aap ki yaad ko hum hamesha salaam karenge
Goonjti thi awaaz aap ki kal tak fiji ki fizaon me
Aaj rahegi banke yahi awaaz watan walo ke beech
aap ki pehchan banke

My thoughts with the many who love him.

Ashiana Shameem

Sad to see you go so early. Your golden voice will be missed!

Learnt a lot from you during my time doing Navtarang Sports.

As they say "God picks the best flowers first". May your soul rest in peace.

May God give the family strength & comfort to face this challenge.

My deepest sympathy to all closest to him.

Ayaaz Khan
Former Sports reporter - Navtarang/FM96
Former Fiji FA Referee.



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Varsha Diwakar (Daughter)
Jitendra Diwakar (Uncle)
William Parkinson



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