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Fiji Time: 09:17, Monday 21st Apr 2014
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Rishikul Primary School (Defending Champs)
"Life is Precious-Value It" - The rising number of accidents on Fiji's roads are taking their toll on people and children are the most vulnerable. Be responsible and take action now.
International School Suva - Primary
"Coping with Cancer" - Honouring those who have lost their lives to cancer and celebrating those who have defeated the disease.
International School Nadi
"My Culture. My Identity" - Defining, through music and dance, what makes the Fijian culture, with its myths and legends, attract so many visitors to our shores.
Dudley Intermediate School
"Real Beauty Lies in your Goodness" - Good vs evil and the real story of real beauty being in your goodness.
Dilkusha Methodist School (Defending Champs)
"Our Children. Our Priority" - The reality of what happens when children are neglected by parents and the consequences of that.
Suva Grammar School
"Stop Sexual Abuse" - The tormenting effects of sexual abuse and the path to hearing.
International School Suva - Secondary
"A Grim Fable" - The inspiration for the performance focuses on bullying particularly with all the media attention recently on the issue.
Cathedral Secondary School
"We Declare Bullying a Crime" - The effects of school bullying, the tragedy of it and the consequences.
Marist Champagnant Institute
"Make a Difference, Reach for Fijian Made" - Support yourself and your country to stop poverty.
Dudley High School
"An Ideal World" - Total chaos in the world reveals answers to a better world and a ray of hope for all.
LDS College
"Stop the Pressure" - The known and unknown factors that bring pressure upon young people and ways to help them survive it.
Lomary Secondary School
"Carp Diem: Seize the Moment" - The importance of appreciationg life and seizing every moment.
Ratu Kadavulevu School
"Excellence through Holistic Education" - The life story of a child nurtured under the vision, 'Excellence through Holistic Education', through training given within an institution and how such training is applied in adult life.
Blue Light Fiji
"Empowering Youth for a Safer and Secure Fiji" - How youth can prevent school rivalry and fighting and empower themselves into the future through the togetherness of projects such as Blue Light Fiji.


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